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  • Life and wealth are temporary, wisdom is timeless

    giankuh yehv hahroustoutiounuh ahntzoghahgan yehn, meeaihyn eemahsdoutiounuh muhnaihoun eh

    Time, the reaper, moves unrelentingly in stealth
    Robs each man slowly of his hard-earned wealth
    Ravages the body, ruins his health
    Leaves him forlorn, feeling sorry for himself

    Man like a puppet is forced to act
    To eat, to sleep, have sex, fight back
    Thinking falsely he is in control
    But lives in fear like a lowly mole

    Happiness appears, gives us hope and cheers
    We yearn for more, yet it disappears
    Memories we hold of bygone years
    That give some solace and sad tears

    We live in an illusory kingdom
    Chasing madly happiness and freedom
    Why persist after a hopeless phantom
    True value is acquiring wisdom

    Wisdom sees the past and reads the future
    Without such vision we are doomed to failure
    Everyone is born and destined to die
    This is a truth no sane person can deny

    We seek happiness in the wrong place
    Sex, drugs, gambling are a disgrace
    Beneath the dignity of the human race
    That arouse man’s passions the most base

    There is a higher pleasure, a higher fate
    A peaceful, uplifting mental state
    It begins when we see the body and soul
    And use everything for the spiritual goal

    Understand we are not the controller, nor enjoyer
    We are subordinate to God, our employer
    Material things belong to God who sets aside our share
    Accept the minimum, use the rest to spread His grace and care

    Life dedicated to God’s service is mankind’s best hope

    We will be known not for what we saved but what we gave

    If we are blessed with assets use them in God’s service

    By such unselfish service we are freed of lust, anger and greed

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