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  • You don’t sell the fish while it is still swimming in the river

    Tzouguh chouroum ahrehvdour chen ahnoum

    You don’t sell the fish while it is still swimming in the river (You don’t sell the fish before you catch it)
    Another way to say this is judehruh ahsnahnuh guh hahmrehn – count your chicks in the fall (this has the same meaning as don’t count your chickens before they hatch)

    There is a short story by Hohvhaness Toumanian that illustrates this proverb

    The travelers

    One day a red rooster flew up on the roof of the farmer’s house to have a panoramic view of the world. He stretched his neck as long as he could, but couldn’t see much. There was a vast mountain nearby that hindered the view.

    “Dog brother, ‘maybe you know what lies on the other side of the big mountain’ “? asked the rooster to the dog resting below in the farmhouse yard.

    “I don’t know either!” said the dog.

    “For heavens sake, how long should we live without knowing what’s beyond our little world. Come on, let’s go and see what’s what in this vast world.” The farm dog agreed. On the spur of the moment, they both left on their adventure.

    They walked and walked until the sun set. They reached a forest where they decided to take rest. The dog brother curled up under a bush. The rooster flew up a nearby tree and landed on a branch. They both closed their eyes for rest.

    At dawn, the rooster called out, Cocka-doodle-doo.

    “Good God, where did that come from? My lucky day, a good breakfast.”, thought the fox who ran as fast as he could toward the rooster.

    “Good morning, cousin rooster. What are you up to in these parts?”

    “I have come here to see the world,” said the rooster.

    “Oh, what a wonderful adventure you have embarked on,” said the fox. For me, it has been such a long time that I am trying to find a good friend. It is my luck that we have met today. So let’s join together, come down we’ll go quickly,” said the fox.

    “I agree,” said the rooster. “Wait, perhaps my friend wants to come to. I’ll come down and we’ll go.”

    “Where is your friend, rooster cousin?”

    “He’s under that bush over there.”

    The fox thought to himself, “His friend must be a rooster like him. I’ll eat him first since he is already on the ground.” The fox ran to the bush. Suddenly the dog came out from under the bush. Seeing the dog scared the hell out of the fox, who high tailed it as fast as he could away from the dog.

    “Wait a minute, fox brother, don’t run so fast. We want to go with you. How can we be friends and travel partners if you run away?” called out the rooster as loud as he could.

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