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  • What good can the rain do for the rock, or good advice for the wicked

    ahntzuhrevuh ihnch ohkoud guhneh kahreen, khuhraduh chahreen
    What good is the rain for the rock, or good advice for the evil (persons)

    ehsheen talanuh vohsgee ahrah, ehshsuh eli (nohren) ehshseh
    Even if you buy a golden saddle for your donkey, it is still a donkey

    kahrozuh khouleen chee ahztee, ahntzuhrevuh kahreen
    The sermon doesn’t influence the deaf, nor the rain the rock

    gahmeer gohvuh gahseen chee pohkheh
    the red cow doesn’t change its skin (color)

    There is a story of the bird that tried to advice a monkey. In a forest their lived a family of monkeys. On a cold day, the monkeys saw a firefly that they thought was a fire. They tried to start a fire by placing dried straw and twigs near the firefly and blowing on the fly to ignite the dry straw. They imagined that it caught fire and they began to warm themselves by warming their hands and rubbing their bodies with the imagined waves of warmth. One monkey concentrated on blowing on the firefly to keep the fire going.

    A bird observed this strange scene. It tried to instruct the monkey blowing on the firefly,
    “Friend, you are wasting your time. You are not blowing on a spark of real fire. It is only a firefly”
    The monkey ignored the bird’s advice and continued to blow in the firefly. The bird tried repeatedly to convince the monkey to desist in his futile efforts by coming closer to the monkey’s ear. The monkey became annoyed by the bird’s persistence. He grabbed the bird and crushed its head against a rock. Thus it is said, “What good is the rain for a rock, or good advice for the wicked (fool).

    What good is learning for men of low class,
    Who chose to be lazy, foolish, and crass
    Preacher’s sermon for the deaf is not heard
    Nor evil fools ever touched by the word

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