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  • Portsank Herou muhnah

    May tragedy remain far away

    A street person once asked me for a handout. I was distributing free food that day. I gave a a plate with a large amount of delicious cooked food. After he ate, he approached me and asked respectfully, “Is there any advice you can give me that will help me out of my misery”?

    Three advises –

    Only ask God because no one else can give you but God
    wealth and knowledge are acquired with patience and perseverance as a cup is filled with water drop by drop
    never give up because something of value is attained by humble and determined action helped along by the mercy of God
    He thought carefully about the three points, but he was still trying to comprehend how they would help him. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. How can one remedy a situation wherein we are our own worst enemy due to weakness. Human weakness requires more than good advice. There needs to be the loving touch of a person or persons whose protective warmth and affection hardies the soul and gives us hope for bettering ourselves. Without the personal touch and continual good example of caring persons, all the advice in the world remains theoretical and distant. The greatest civilizing force in this world is love, not exactly law. Laws are necessary, but love makes them pertinent to our lives and inspires us to follow them. I realized the best way I could help a fellow being and myself was to express my respectful affection for God and His sacred creatures. The simple way to do this from my experience is to give and receive gifts, give and receive food, and share and listen to endearing thoughts about the goodness of God and all His children. These six are clean and gentile types of loving exchanges that everyone who needs to be in an environment of love can easily accept without compromising their integrity or self-respect. After thinking like this I looked at the man and said, “ Share the love that God is giving you with others, then you will be healed of all misgivings.” He was able to understand this because he saw an example of my friends and I trying to do this very thing. Example speaks louder than precept. Our example instructs or destructs more than our words. If the example is steady and uninterrupted, then people take it seriously.

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