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    What you can do yourself, online game gambling, do it. Online game gambling, Do not leave it for others. Online game gambling, Aesop tells a story about “The Lark and her young ones.” In the early spring a Lark made her nest in a field of young green wheat. Online game gambling, The wheat ripened and grew to maturity, online game gambling, and so did the new born Larks. Online game gambling, One day the farmer looked at his ripened wheat and said, online game gambling, “It is time to cut my wheat. Online game gambling, I must send for my neighbors to help me.”

    The young Larks rushed to their mother and related the news. Online game gambling, “The farmer is going to cut the wheat. Online game gambling, Quick, online game gambling, we must move to a safe place.”

    “There is no hurry, online game gambling,” the Mother Lark said.

    A few days later the Farmer came again to his wheat field. Online game gambling, “There is no time to lose as the wheat is overripe and ready to fall to the ground, online game gambling,” the Farmer said. Online game gambling, “I will hire some reapers and come myself to see that the wheat is cut.”

    The young Larks again told their mother what the Farmer said. Online game gambling, The Mother lark said, online game gambling, “Now it is time to leave this field as quick as possible. Online game gambling, “ When a man decides to do work himself without relying on others, online game gambling, he is serious. Online game gambling, Always remember my children, online game gambling, what you can do well yourself, online game gambling, do it. Online game gambling, Do not leave it for others.

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