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  • The value of money - Vohsghee tuhrahm

    Once upon a time a young man wanted to get married. He spoke with his father about his desire.

    The father, a very wise and experienced man, told his son that before giving him permission, he must earn a gold coin by honest labor. The father insisted that his son give him the gold coin.

    The son had received a gold coin as a birthday present. He brought it to his father and gave it to him. “Now, father, can I get married?” he asked.

    The father threw the gold coin into the river and said, “You are not ready for marriage because you did not earn the gold coin by honest labor.”

    The son was surprised that his father knew the truth about the gold coin. The next day, the son borrowed a gold coin from his mother and gave it to his father.

    The father looked at the coin and threw it into the river. The son was annoyed. He asked, ” Why are you doing this? I did what you asked. I brought you a gold coin. Please, let me get married.”

    The father refused to give permission and insisted that the coin was not earned by honest labor.

    The son reflected on the strange behavior of his stubborn father. He concluded that his father would never give permission for marriage unless he find a job and earn the gold coin by honest labor. After a long month of hard labor at a neighboring town, the son returned and gave his father a gold coin.
    The father looked at the coin and was about to throw it into the river. The boy suddenly grabbed his father’s arm and stopped him. He pleaded with his father, “Please don’t throw it away. I have worked hard for a month to earn this gold coin.”

    The father looked into the eyes of his son and said, “You are ready to get married because you have understood the value of money. I am sure now that you will spend your hard earned money wisely.”

    The son married a good girl and was always careful not to foolishly squander his earnings.

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