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  • The tiger and the fox

    vahkruh yehv ahghvehssuh

    ahnohtee vahkruh vohrss guh puhnduhrehr. ahghvehss muh puhrnetz
    A hungry tiger was looking for prey. He caught a fox.

    toun chehss guhrnahr zees oudehl, uhsahv aghvehssuh
    “You cannot eat me,” said the fox.
    “Why,” said the tiger
    meetheh toun chehss keedehr aiyt
    “Perhaps you don’t know why,” said the fox.
    “No, I don’t,” said the tiger.

    vohr aiytbehss eh. yehghour yehrthahnk, yehv toun beedee dehssnehss teh eenchbes pohlohr
    gehntaheenehruh sahssdeek vaghtzahdz guh pakhcheen eentzmeh, uhsahv ahghvehssuh
    “It is like this. Come, let’s go and you will see how all the forest animals are
    horribly frightened and run away from me,” said the fox.

    yehv ahnohnk meeahsseen katzeen ahndahruh.
    And they went together into the forest.

    eerok pohlohr kahzahnnehruh guh pakhcheheen.
    In effect, all the wild animals fled on sight.

    paiytz vahkruh chee hahguhtzahv vohr ahnonk eermeh guh vakhnahyeen.
    But the tiger did not understand that they (the animals) were afraid of him.

    ahn gahrdzehtz teh pohlohruh ahghvehessehn guh vakhnahyeen, eehnkuhn ahl toghoutz ahghvehessuh yehv hehratzahv
    He thought that all(the animals) were afraid of the fox. He also left the fox and went away.

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