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    The intelligent judge

    One night a wolf fell into a hole in the ground set as a trap by a hunter. The wolf began to howl,
    “Help, help.”

    A sheep came to see what happened. The wolf pleaded with the sheep to help him get free.

    “No,” said the sheep, “if I free you, you will eat me.”
    “I swear honorably that I will not hurt you at all.”

    The sheep believed the wolf and helped him get out of the hole.

    When the wolf got out of the trap he said.
    “You saved my life from danger. Now you will save me from hunger.”

    “But you gave your word of honor not to hurt me,” said the sheep.

    “I am a meat eater,” said the wolf. “What else can I do but eat you.”

    The sheep understood that there was no way to free itself. Just then, the sheep saw a dog

    “Oh wise dog, I beg you to become our judge,” said the sheep.

    The dog heard both of their claims and said.

    “How can I believe that you both told the truth. You must reinact the events so
    that I can see with my own eyes what happened.

    The wolf jumped into the trap again and begged the sheep to help him.

    “Oh greedy predator, wait until the hunter comes,” said the dog. Both the dog and the sheep went away.

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