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  • ahrmahdnehruh yev tzoghounnehruh

    The roots and stalks

    ahrchuh parehgamatzahv kuughatzeeee muh hehd
    A bear became friends with a villager.
    ahnohnk voroshetzeen shoghkahm tzahner
    They decided to plant turnips.
    kuughatzeen uhsahv
    The villager said.
    ahrmahnehruh eentzee, tzoghounnehruh kehzee.
    “The roots for me and the stalks for you.”
    togh kou uhsahdzut uhllah, uhsahv ahrchuh
    “So let it be as you have said,” said the bear.
    yehgahv ahsounuh.
    It became fall.

    kuughatzeen ahrahv ahrmahdnehruh, eeshk tzoghounnehruh ahrahv ahrchuh.
    The villager got the roots and the bear got the stalks.
    ahrchuh muhrtmuhrtahtz, paiytz eench guhrnahr uhnehr
    The bear grumbled, but what could he do.

    hahtchohrt dahreen kuughatzeen uhsahv ahrcheen.
    The next year the villager said to the bear.
    yehgour nohrehn meeahseen tzahnehnk
    “Come let us plant together again.”
    hahmahtzaiyn yehm. Meeaiyn teh aiys ahnkahm toun ahr tzoghounnehruh , eeshk
    ahrmahdnehruh eendzee douhr, uhsahv ahrchuh
    “I agree. But this time you take the stalks and you give me the roots,” said the bear.
    sahd aghehk. ahys ahnkahm ahl togh kou ouzadzut uhllah, uhsahv kuughatzeen.
    “Very good. So this time let it be as you have said,” said the villager.

    yehv ahnohnk tzahnetzeen tzohrehn yehv ahrahd pehrk uhsdatzahn.
    And (this time) they planted wheat and had a bountiful harvest.

    kuughatzeen tzoghounnehruhn ahrahv, eeshk ahrchuh tzohrehneen ahrmahdnehruh.
    The villager got the stalks and the bear the wheat roots.

    ahrchuh dehssahv vohr tahrtzyahl khahpvehr eh.
    The bear saw that he was cheated yet again.

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