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    My name is Harry (Hampartzoum) Terhanian. What has prompted me to publish this collection of Armenian proverbs is to create a web gathering of Armenians and other interested persons. As the Armenians are spread all over the world, there is a need to gather in a forum to live, share, and evolve our culture. Culture is something that is handed from generation to generation. Due to the tragedy of massacres, modern living, intermarriage, isolation, etc. there has been an erosion of transmission of Armenian culture. I want to make a small step at reversing this trend by sharing with all interested parties what I have learned from my parents and my travels. I hope that interested readers make available their knowledge of Armenian proverbs, stories, and wisdom so that I can swell the treasure of these pages for the enrichment of all. I will gradually add more pages as we progress. I hope to have a section of Armenian folk music, cooking, health, spirituality, marriage advice, and literary comment. Imagine learning culture by proverbs, stories, cooking lessons, music, poetry, discussion, and downright good old time one on one exchanges. Please join in the fun, open your heart and mind to share and embrace this wonderful culture. If you are interested in submitting proverbs or stories, see possible errors that you want to correct, want to ask a question, or just want to send an email, please contact me at harry@uncleharrys.com. You can also call me at 425-246-8436.

    To help you navigate the site, please take note of the following suggestion. If you click on the right side entries by date such as November 2005, by scrolling down to the end of the entries you will see “Older Entries” on the lower left hand side. Click on “Older Entries,” a new page appears with many more proverbs. Again, if you scroll down to the end of the page, you will ee “Older Entries,” click on it for another page to appear with more proverbs. If you come to the end of the page and do not see “Older Entries,” then you have come to the end of the proverbs for that month.

    Have fun navigating the site.


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