• Its an ass upfront and a real believer in back.

    Archevuh ehs eh, yedevuh havadastchyahl

    There is an old country story that reveals the existence of greedy clergy. A farmer rode his donkey to the village church and called out for the priest to come out and see a new convert or believer in Christ. The Priest hurried out and said “Where is the believer?” The farmer pointed to his donkey.

    The priest became upset and chided the farmer for his bad joke. The farmer insisted that the priest had not looked carefully at the believer. He asked him to look at the backside of the donkey by lifting its tail. The farmer had tied a bag of silver coins onto the genitals of the donkey.

    The priest lifted the tail and noticed the bag. He tapped the bag with his hand and heard the jingling of the coins. The priest smiled and said, “Archevuh ehs eh, paytz yedevuh havadatzyahl eh – Its an ass upfront and a real believer in back.”

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